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02.02.2017 | Nanion Technologies Launches SURFE2R 96SE Instrument

Nanion Technologies Launches SURFE2R 96SE Instrument

MUNICH, GERMANY - February 2, 2017 - Nanion Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the new SURFE2R 96SE Instrument for high throughput measurements of electrogenic membrane transporters and pumps.

The SURFE2R 96SE is the first instrument on the market featuring the solid supported membrane (SSM) technology for the robust and simple screening of membrane transporters and pumps in a high throughput manner. With this, the SURFE2R 96SE opens new perspectives in membrane protein screening and investigations for the pharmaceutical industry, offering a label- and radioactivity-free analysis for these difficult targets. Many of these particular proteins are involved in pathological conditions and diseases, or are involved in the transport of pharmacological agents and are of high interest for drug development, but have been difficult to screen so far. The plate-based SURFE2R 96SE addresses the requirement of the pharmaceutical industry, as its technology enables screening of these targets in a simple, cost-efficient and reliable way. Furthermore, the SURFE2R 96SE contains all necessary features for a meaningful HTS screening tool, such as fully-automated sensor preparation and assay-execution, a user-friendly interface, as well as a powerful analysis software. Additionally, Nanion Technologies supports its customers with ready-to use protocols for various experimental procedures.

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