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21.07.2017 | Nanion congratulates the four junior scientists awarded for their innovative theses by Nano Innovation Award 2017

MUNICH, GERMANY - Juny, 21th, 2017: From fundamental research to applications - Nano Innovation Award 2017 for junior nanoscientists

On July 21, the Nano Innovation Awards were awarded at the Center for NanoScience (LMU Munich). Three PhD students and one Master student from Würzburg and Munich won prizes for their innovative work in application-oriented nanoscience:

Florian Schüder from the group of Professor Ralf Jungmann (MPI of Biochemistry/LMU München)
Dr. Patrick Vogel (group of Professor Peter Jakob, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)
Stefan Datz (group of Professor Thomas Bein, LMU München)
Dr. Peter Röttgermann (group of Professor Joachim Rädler, LMU München)

NIA 2017 Preisträger statisch


From left to right:
Dr. Peter Röttgermann, Dr. Patrick Vogel, Florian Schüder, Stefan Datz

Nanion is honored to be part of this initiative of the CeNS (Center for NanoScience, LMU Munich).

As a spin-off company of the CeNS and historically directly connected to the idea of the award, Nanion and three further successful spin-off companies (attocube systems AG, ibidi GmbH, NanoTemper Technologies GmbH) donated the price money of the Innovation Award 2017.

Read the full press release from the CeNS here.