Whole cell patch clamp recordings of VRAC were performed with resting and activated CD4+ T cells

    Ehling et al. (2016)

VRACs | Volume-regulated Anion Channels

Volume-regulated anion channels

VRACs are composed of LRRC8 protein heteromers (possibly to form a heterohexamer), of which there are five variations: LRRC8A, LRRC8B, LRRC8C, LRRC8D, and LRRC8E. LRRC8 proteins (Leucine-rich repeat containing 8) contain four transmembrane helices.

Regulation and Function:
(VRACs) are crucial to the regulation of cell size by transporting chloride ions and various organic osmolytes, such as taurine or glutamate, across the plasma membrane. Furthermore, the channels play a crucial role in cell proliferation, migration, and apoptosis. Besides chloride ions and osmolytes, VRACs are known to be as well water-permeable.




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