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03.11.2015 | Nanion’s SyncroPatch is Preferred Technology for Patch Clamp-Based High Throughput Screening

MUNICH, GERMANY, November 3, 2015 - According to a recent survey among automated patch clamp users, performed by HTStec Ltd., respondents favour Nanion’s instrumentation regarding cost, throughput, stability and support. Additionally, Nanion has the most appealing platforms for future purchase according to the survey.

 With the introduction of the ion channel drug screening platform, the SyncroPatch 384/768PE, in 2013, Nanion became a major player in the high throughput screening (HTS) market. Nanion’s patch clamp-based HTS platform allows the screening of compound libraries of >100,000 substances, and facilitates a paradigm shift in drug discovery. Instead of indirect approaches of the past, compound effects can be efficiently and accurately investigated for drug discovery, lead optimization and safety testing purposes using patch clamp, saving valuable time and minimizing the risk of false positives or negatives.

In the recent HTStec report on automated patch clamp (APC) instrumentation, aiming to comprehensively document current practices, preferences and metrics in ion channel drug screening using APC technology, Nanion stood out as the favored APC vendor, with the most appealing platforms for future purchase.

The SyncroPatch 384/768PE was developed in close collaboration with key customers in the pharmaceutical industry, and best-in-class robotics providers. This strategy has proven pertinent considering the quick development and roll-out, successful integration into HTS-environments and the rapidly growing installed base of the platform.

The HTStec Report is available from HTStec Ltd. (

Read the full press release here.

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