• CardioExcyte 96

    Combined impedance and MEA-like recordings
  • CardioExcyte 96

    For cardiac safety screening
  • CardioExcyte 96

    Next generation label-free cell analysis
  • CardioExcyte 96

    Intuitive data analysis & arrhythmia detection
  • CardioExcyte 96

    Transparent plates available for imaging

Cardiomyocytes - "Impedance and EFP recordings of Cor.4U cells using Nanion’s CardioExcyte 96"

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Cells were kindly provided by Axiogenesis.  


Cardiomyocytes derived from human inducedpluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are gaining interest in cardiac safety screening. Given their relative abundance, availability, ease of use and standardized production, they are likely to provide a viable alternative to acutely isolated cardiomyocytes to assess the pro-arrythmic potentials of drug candidates. Although automated patch clamp can provide excellent information about the effects of compounds on cardiac ion channels and possible effects on the cardiac action potential1, other techniques, such as impedance, also provide crucial and complementary information about complex physiological parameters such as beat rate, amplitude and duration. The CardioExcyte 96 is a new hybrid screening tool combining impedance (cell contractility) and extracellular field potential (EFP) recordings. These measurements are non-invasive, label-free and have a temporal resolution of 1 ms. The recordings are made from cells within a network thus providing a physiologically relevant environment for measuring drug-induced changes in beat parameters. This hybrid technology addresses the lack of easy-touse high-throughput screening for in-vitro assays, and permits the reliable investigation of short- and long-term pharmacological effects. Here we present data recorded on theCardioExcyte 96 using Cor.4U hiPSCs from Axiogenesis. The effects of the compounds blebbistatin, dofetilide, pentamidine and nifedipine on the impedance and EFP signals are shown.

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