• Orbit 16

    fully parallel recording of 16 bilayers

2016 - "Parallel and automated formation of lipid bilayers on microstructured chips for ion channel and nanopore recordings"

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Bilayer recording is a well-established technique for in-depth studies of biophysical properties of ion channels and is particularly suited for functional studies on proteins residing in intracellular membranes. Moreover, this technique supports a host of powerful emerging analytical methods which employ biological nanopores as molecular sensors.
Despite its proven value, bilayer recording can be very frustrating due to the capricious nature of lipid bilayers, which have to be formed manually one by one and which often lack stability. We here show an approach allowing for rapid and automated generation of planar arrays of lipid bilayers.
The present format allows for 16 parallel recordings, thereby enabling efficient data generation, as well as the high resolution measurement from the single selected bilayer. We here show the validation of the technique through recordings of a variety of channel proteins and nanopore-based assays, including the detection and characterization of polynucleotides and neutral polymer mixtures.

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