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  • SURFE2R N1

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  • SURFE2R N1

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  • SURFE2R N1

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2015 - "Organellar Transporters and Ion Channels - How to access their electrophysiology by using the SURFE2R technology and Planar Patch Clamp"

Icon N1   SURFE²R N1 and   icon sp96   SyncroPatch 96 (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 384PE) and   icon pap   Port-a-Patch poster, GRC - Organellar Channels and Transporters 2015   logo pdf   (1.6 MB)


Electrophysiological characterization of ion channels from organellar membranes is vastly restricted due to limited accessibility. Even more so the direct measurement of transporter activity in these membranes is extremely challenging, because noise usually exceeds signal size due to comparably low transport rates. Here we present electrophysiological data of the ADP-ATP exchanger (ANT) from purified inner mitochondrial membranes (IMM) acquired with the SURFE²R technology which is based on a solid supported  membrane approach. By measuring the total current of a large number of transporter molecules triggered simultaneously, the signal becomes available for pharmacological studies. Also we show data from mitochondrial BKCa channel to demonstrate how planar patch clamp technology facilitates the study of organellar membrane ion channels

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