• Vesicle Prep Pro

    First product on the market for automated preparation of solvent-free giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs)
  • Vesicle Prep Pro

    GUVs are homogeneous in size - ideal for different applications

Dr. Marisa Rangel - Statement about the Vesicle Prep Pro and Port-a-Patch

icon vpp   icon pap   “Our planar lipid bilayers are obtained from GUVs prepared with the Nanion Vesicle Prep Pro setup. Together with the Port-a-Patch, Nanion´s state-of-the-art automated patch clamp platform, the efficiency of characterization of pore-forming peptides (and other ionophores from natural sources) in artificial bilayers has greatly increased. Both systems are straightforward and easy to use, allowing high quality, low noise, single channel recordings.”

Marisa Rangel, PhD, Researcher 
University of Sao Paulo, Butantan Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil, WI, US

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