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03. - 04.10.2017 | ELRIG Drug Discovery | 20/09/2017 | Event Calendar
Venue: ACC Liverpool, UK Alison Obergrussberger is looking forward to meeting you. Ali will present three... Read More
10. - 13.10.2017 | Biophysics Mexico | 20/09/2017 | Event Calendar
Emerging Concepts in Ion Channel Biophysics Venue:  Old Palace of Medicine, National Autonomous University of Mexico,... Read More
Venue: Ganghoferstr. 70a, Munich, Germany _______ Confirmed speaker:   Thomas Licher, Sanofi Frankfurt,... Read More
28.09.2017 | iForum User Meeting | 20/09/2017 | Event Calendar
Venue: Imperial College London, UK Elena Dragicevic is looking forward to meeting you. Elena will give an oral... Read More
24.09.2017 | HTS in Cardiac Safety Symposium | 20/09/2017 | Event Calendar
Venue: Maritim Hotel Berlin, Germany Niels Fertig, Sonja Stölzle-Feix, Frank Henrichsen and Elena Dragicevic are... Read More
Venue: Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland Andre Bazzone is looking forward to meeting you at the... Read More
Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK Andre Bazzone & Conrad Weichbrodt are looking... Read More
Venue:  Thursday 27th July (Reception Dinner): KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO, Shinjyuku Friday 28th of July (Workshop):... Read More
Venue: The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, Vancouver, Canada We are honored to sponsor the Conference. Maria Barthmes... Read More
Venue: John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK We are honored to be sponsor of the Conference. Go to the Conference... Read More