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CardioExcyte 96

Bump up your cardiac safety screening.

  • Ultra-precise impedance measurements with 1 ms resolution
  • Real-time access to beating parameters
  • Cost-efficient consumables - 96-well format
  • Optional incubation system
  • Supports cardiac pacing
  • Ideal for HTS safety pharamcology
  • Powerful and enabling data analysis and export functions 

CardioExcyte 96 with Incubation SystemThe CardioExcyte 96 is a high resolution device recording contractility in intact cardiomyocyte networks utilizing non-invasive impedance measurements. It is a fully automated device, recording from 96 wells at a time. With embedded electronics and a sophisticated sensor technology integrated in the well-plate based consumables, CardioExcyte 96 is a turn-key system for efficient impedance measurements, also allowing recordings residing inside of the incubator. The CardioExcyte 96 Incubation System, is an optional add-on, which allows the CardioExcyte 96 to be placed on the bench top with maintained control over temperature, gas mix and humidity.

Efficiency and ease-of-use are facilitated by an outstanding software package for data handling and export - an essential part of the CardioExcyte 96 system.

The system has been validated with stem cell derived cardiomyocytes from several providers (Axiogenesis, Cellular Dynamics International, GE Healthcare), as well as beating, 3D-clusters (Cellectis).

 View film showing beating network of cells and read-out signal here.


CardioExcyte 96 SOL:

CardioExcyte96SOLOptical stimulation and investigation of impedance and extracellular field potentials in parallel.

The stimulating optical lid, CardioExcyte 96 SOL, uses LEDs for spatially uniform stimulation of cells transfected with light-gated channels such as Channelorhodopsin2 (ChR2).

Every flash of the light induces a depolarization of transfected cells and thus an action potential is triggered.

The advantage of this technology is the highly precise timing, all cells are stimulated exactly at the time of the light stimulus.


CardioExcyte 96 Webinar:

If you missed the first CardioExcyte 96 webinar, you can see it here.


CardioExcyte 96 Product Sheet  (0.5  MB)