Nanion Technologies


NPC®-1, NPC®-16, NPC®-96

  • Long lasting Giga-seals
  • Availability of various chip resistances
  • Consistent success rates for different cell lines
  • Long shelf life – 24 months

Products-NPC-Chipgrafik-280All of Nanion's patch clamp platforms use NPC® -chips as their primary consumable (Port-a-Patch®: NPC®-1; Patchliner®: NPC®-16; SyncroPatch® 96: NPC®-96). The NPC®-chips differ from one another in the number of recording sites that are available per chip and the structures in place for liquid handling.

The core of each recording site is identical independent of the chip type: a borosilicate planar glass substrate containing a micron-sized aperture. The cell is automatically positioned on this aperture. In similarity to conventional patch clamp our chips exploit the characteristic interactions that exist between the borosilicate glass and the cell membrane to form stable giga-seals and whole cell configurations.

The NPC®-technology has been validated extensively with a wide variety of ion channels and different cell lines, as well as some primary cells. The cell lines tested so far show consistent success rates for stable whole cell recordings (60-80 %), independent of the cell line used.

NPC®-chips are ideal for low noise recordings due to minimal capacitive charging and stray capacitance. They routinely give low and stable access resistances which is important when investigating rapidly inactivating ion channels. 

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