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Orbit mini

Orbit mini. Plug and paint.

The Orbit mini supports:

- Simultaneous recording from four lipid bilayers

- Low noise, high bandwidth recordings

- Temperature control - active cooling and heating

- Cost-efficient experiments with disposable MECA chips

Orbit mini 350Orbit mini contains a built-in, miniaturized four-channel amplifier, allowing low noise recordings at high bandwidth without the need for any additional equipment – you could virtually conduct experiments while travelling by train! Due to the unique design of the Orbit mini, the measurement chamber temperature can be actively controlled without additional noise generation.
The complete Orbit mini platform consists of the main recording unit with a built-in four channel amplifier (Elements), and an computer-controlled, environmentalcontrol unit for active cooling and heating of the recording chamber. Ionera's √16 MECA disposable chips are used for manual painting of lipid bilayers and parallel recording from four bilayers.

MECA√16 MECA recording substrate from Ionera

The MECA recording substrate contains a 2 x 2 array of circular microcavities in a highly inert polymer. Each cavity contains an individual integrated Ag/AgCl-microelectrode. The bilayer is formed by painting, with high success rates for functional bilayers. The MECAchip has been validat ed with a number of different ion channels including KcsA, gramicidin, α-hemolysin, Kv1.3, Nav etc.


Film Om 1Orbit mini tutorial

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Software Updates:

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