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Patchliner PatchControlHT Patch Clamp SoftwarePatchControlHT is the software for the Patchliner®. The vast experimental freedom of the Patchliner® platform is due to the flexibility of the software.

PatchControlHT is a graphical user interface allowing straightforward and easy programming of protocols either by using pre-programmed modules, or by setting up customized protocols based on the specific user requirements.

Because of its inherent logical programming capabilities, experimental redundancy is reduced to a minimum, thus maximizing the data throughput.

PatchControlHT not only allows the running of experiments from start to finish. It also supports changes on-the-fly. This latter feature speeds up the assay development process immensely. It also makes the Patchliner® a valuable tool for research.

In addition, PatchControlHT is compatible with various document and database formats which makes compound loading and data analysis faster and easier when screening a large number of compounds.