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Catch the wave for transporters.

Transporters, pumps and ion channels in diverse and heterologous membranes can be investigated with high sensitivity and high efficiency using the SURFE2R technology. Small quantities of membrane are required, with proven success using native tissue, mammalian and insect cell lines, bacteria, organelles and proteoliposomes.

  • Precise measurements of membrane transporter protein activity
  • In-depth analysis of transporter function
  • Protein activity stable for days
  • Multiple experiments using one sensor - also on different targets
  • Freedom to use membranes from diverse sources

The SURFE2R technology allows cost-efficient, direct and functional measurements and offers a unique platform for transporter-based drug discovery and research.


N96 roundV3 330x287SURFE2R 96SE smallSURFE2R 96SE.

High throughput transporter research. 

 The SURFE2R 96SE offers a label- and radioactive-free analysis of electrogenic transporters and pumps. The device records from 96 membrane preparations in one experiment. Data format and analysis tools are compatible with the powerful DataControl 96 software package that was developed for highly effective and versatile analysis of electrophysiology data. The SURFE2R 96SE is your fast way forward to sensitove membrane transporter analysis in high throughput manner. For the first time transporter proteins become accessible for direct drug screening efforts.


Product Sheet:

SURFER2R  96SE Product Sheet

N96 Screen 533x375



170309 SURFE2R N1 N1 Round V2 330x193SURFE2R N1.

In-depth transporter research.

The SURFE2R N1 is a small footprint, fully automated device recording from one membrane preparation at a time. With embedded control electronics, high precision auto sampler for liquid handling, and a low noise amplifier, the SURFE2R N1 is a turn-key system for efficient transporter protein analysis. 

N1 Single Sensor Chips are used for recordings, and contain a thin layer gold electrode coated with a biomimetic bilyer, onto which the membrane preparation adheres. Multiple targets can be investigated using the same membrane preparation, since protein activity is stable over prolonged time periods. 

Product Sheet:

SURFER2R  N1 Product Sheet