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SyncroPatch 384/768PE.

Patch clamp finally goes HTS.

  • 384 or 768 cells recorded in parallel
  • 20,000 data points per day
  • 85 % success rates routinely obtained
  • Reliable data from diverse ion channels targets
  • Seamless integration into robotic HTS-highways
  • Available for shipping NOW!

SP384PE 330x334 The SyncroPatch 384PE (go to presentation) is the first high quality, automated patch clamp system with the potential to bridge the gap between primary and secondary ion channel drug screening. Designed for seamless integration into process-automated drug screening environments, the Patch Engine is equipped with 384 patch clamp amplifiers and an advanced 384 channel liquid handling robot. Both hardware and software have been fully tested and validated with leading players in industrial drug development to provide optimum performance in true HTS for ion channel screening. Up to two PE-modules can be integrated into one liquid handling robot with up, enabling 768 recording wells to be measured simultaneously.

Allowing for up to 20,000 data points per day, it is the most efficient platform on the market for high quality, ion channel recordings. This outstanding efficiency is primarily due to fully parallel measurements from 384 cells, the 384-channel pipettor, and an exceptionally efficient control and analysis software.


Modular approach – what does it mean?

384PE Zwei-Messkammer V1 330 258The PatchEngine is a module that integrates into most liquid handling robots. Each PE contains 384 individual recording sites that are served by a 384-pipettor. Two PE’s can be integrated per platform, thus allowing recordings from 768 recording sites, with 768 individual amplifiers. Upgrade from 384 to 768 recording sites is straightforward and can be done on a later occasion.

Facts about the PE module:

  • 384 recordings per module
  • 384 high-grade patch clamp amplifiers
  • Supports giga-seal recordings
  • Uses borosilicate recording substrates
  • Promotes long and stable recordings
  • Routinely about 85 % success rates
  • Voltatge-clamp maintained at all times


SyncroPatch 384/768PE Product Sheet

SyncroPatch 384PE & DataControl Product Sheet


SyncroPatch 384/768PE Webinars

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SyncroPatch 384/768PE Data Analysis via integration of Genedata SW

SyncroPatch 384PE Genedata Ready-to-Run flyer



SyncroPatchthe-movie v2SyncroPatch 384/768PE Film

Watch the film here



Presentation for download

Download the SyncroPatch 384PE Presentation for more information and data examples!