Nanion Technologies

Vesicle Prep Pro

Liposomes made easy.

The Vesicle Prep Pro® is the first product on the market for automated preparation of solvent-free giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs). The GUVs are formed by means of electro-swelling. This method yields GUVs of homogenous size (1 - 30 μm in diamter).

The Vesicle Prep Pro® has been designed to keep the preparation process simple. This ensures stable and reproducible results.

The chamber in which the GUVs are made is formed by ITO-coated glass cover slides so that vesicle formation can be monitored using a microscope.

VPP_bIntegrated features, including flexible protocol design (see also VesicleControl) and temperature control, allow generation of GUVs from a wide variety of lipids, e.g. lipids with high charge or high phase transition temperatures.

Products-Vesicles_bea-330GUVs prepared with the Vesicle Prep Pro® have proven ideal for investigations of biophysical properties of e.g. electrogenic transmembrane proteins, lipid raft formation, and protein-DNA interactions.


Vesicle Prep Pro Product Sheet logo_pdf (2.84 MB)